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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100.
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Important Notice

The Quarter Pole Apparel brand is being built out in stages. Currently, we are in phase 1. In this phase, we are co-branding with existing products (e.g. Carhartt, Port Authority, Hilfiger, and others) by placing our trademark quarter pole and racehorse logo on existing clothing lines to sell at competitive prices. This allows us to increase our brand awareness and, at the same time, explore and experiment with different items to determine what our customers desire most. It also reduces the initial high cost of custom manufacturing and potential large supply of unsold inventory. In Phase 2, we will examine our customer base and sales data to help create our own custom line of apparel made especially for you. We're doing our best to create a profitable company with a brand that will "go the distance". The better the profits, the more we're able to give back! If there's something you would like to see offered in our store that is currently not available, please send us an email or message us on one of our social media accounts. Likewise, we truly welcome your reviews (both positive and negative) as we value any and all feedback to help us better understand our niche market and to provide you with a product that stands out from the crowd.

We're working hard to only offer products that are of high quality and that we believe you will love. However, if we ever miss the mark, we have a 100% Complete Satisfaction or your Money Back Guarantee on everything we sell; even if that means you simply don't like what you bought once you have it in hand. Maybe the clothes fit too tight, too loose, or you don't like the color. For whatever your reason, you are able to return for a full refund.

Happy Shopping! Now... go on and get your good luck quarter pole apparel merchandise today. Aren't you glad there's a brand you can proudly wear and that supports the sport you love?

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