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Our Story

In early 2019, my wife and I bought our first (very-small) interest in a racehorse, and it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences for us individually, and as a couple. Learning and absorbing all the information there is about horses and racing has taken us on a journey filled with ups and downs, and hopes and dreams. We have since expanded into other partnerships (including breeding and pinhooking) and, as of 2020, we became proud owners of our very own 2-year-old filly shown in the pic below training at Keeneland.



In our first year of being immersed in the sport, we were surprised by the many things we read about that the industry needed to "clean-up" for horse racing to survive and thrive. Improvements ranging from creating national uniform medication and safety standards, enacting enforceable rules across all racing jurisdictions, preventing excessive breakdowns, and ensuring that all Thoroughbreds are retired, retrained, and rehomed with dignity and with the utmost care were all made abundantly clear.

We here at Quarter Pole Apparel want to do our part in helping make positive changes. We started with the idea of creating a clothing and apparel brand that horse racing enthusiasts will identify with, proudly wear, and, in turn, show their support for the beautiful Thoroughbred athlete and this incredible amazing sport. In addition, we hope we're able to grow and sell enough so that 25 percent of our net profits or 2.5% of gross sales (whichever is higher) will make a meaningful impact to the horse racing and Thoroughbred aftercare organizations that we support.

Our first step is to take this idea and develop an online boutique apparel company with the hope that we may someday grow can grow into an internationally recognizable brand that competes with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger, Nike, Patagonia, etc... That would be an enormous accomplishment we know, but one thing we have learned about being a part of the horse racing community is that it's okay to dream big. We hope you will join us for the ride.

David Bullock, Co-Founder